"Trial" - dentistry in Zaporozhye: we treat teeth without tears and pain!
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"Trial" - dentistry in Zaporozhye: we treat teeth without tears and pain!
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Children’s dentistry Zaporozhye

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 Children’s dentist

Why is a pediatric dentist needed? Among parents, it is often believed that temporary (“milk”) teeth are not necessary to treat, because they will fall out anyway … This opinion is erroneous, and as a result of such behavior adults often suffer from a child’s health. Indeed, as a result of its structure in children’s teeth, inflammatory processes proceed much faster than in adults, and therefore they need a special approach, and a special doctor for treatment!

Trial is one of the few dental clinics where small patients will receive the full range of dental services. And a special doctor – a pediatric dentist – will find an approach to your child. After all, it’s real joy to step into the appointment with the dentist! Our doctors not only provide high-quality and qualified treatment, but are also very well versed in child psychology. For a child, the first visit to the pediatric doctor is very important, where the dentist in a game form will familiarize him with the tools necessary for work. You won’t find a drill here, we have special “vacuum cleaners” and “ticklers” that help fight “tooth worms and carious monsters”. And after receiving your child will certainly receive a prize for the most courageous behavior.

Most of our patients did without general anesthesia, which they actively offered in other clinics, thanks to the kind and reverent attitude of our doctors. After all, everything we do – we do with love!

o Prevention and hygiene

Milk teeth begin to erupt from 6 months to 2.5 years. For each, this process is individual and very often delivers a lot of pain to the child, and mothers are provided with sleepless nights. Our experts will advise you on how to relieve pain and discomfort for the baby during this period.

With the advent of the first tooth, it is mother who should take care of her teeth with a regular gauze wipe or specially designed products and clean them of plaque that is always present on the teeth. This attitude will teach the child to any manipulations in the oral cavity and independent hygiene.

It is necessary to visit the dentist regularly, with a frequency of once every six months.

Comprehensive rehabilitation in our clinic will help prevent diseases of the ENT organs, gastrointestinal tract, ensure normal speech development and a healthy smile for your child.

We offer you:

Professional hygiene with brushes and pastes with a taste of fruit;
Deep fluoridation of teeth to prevent the appearance and development of caries;
Silvering using the Saforaid preparation – to prevent decay of deciduous teeth, stop the development of the carious process and prevent relapse after treatment;
Fissure sealing, i.e. “Sealing” the recesses on the surface of the enamel;
We recommend a balanced diet for your child in order to strengthen the bone system and teeth;
Teaching children the proper oral care;
Selection of rational hygiene products, taking into account the individual characteristics of your child.
o Treatment

Premature loss of primary teeth causes a violation of the correct formation of the bite. As well, complications of caries such as pulpitis and periodontitis can infect the rudiment of a permanent tooth and contribute to its destruction.

In “Trial”, it is possible to treat milk teeth without preparation, by sequentially applying special pastes that soften damaged tissues, and then, using various tools, the doctor cleans the carious cavity.

The treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis is mainly carried out without anesthesia, but if necessary, anesthetics are performed with light anesthetics, and “cherry jam” (anesthetizing gel) is preliminarily applied to the injection site for maximum comfort of the baby during the manipulation.

In the treatment of caries, special modern materials for children’s teeth are used. If desired, filling with colored fillings is possible, which will surely interest the children, because the child can choose the color of the filling that suits his taste.

We will give your children healthy and beautiful smiles! No pain or fear!

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