"Trial" - dentistry in Zaporozhye: we treat teeth without tears and pain!
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"Trial" - dentistry in Zaporozhye: we treat teeth without tears and pain!
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Orthopedic dentistry in Zaporozhye

Prosthetics has been the most important part of dental care for the patient. The integrity of the dentition in a patient can make it possible to maintain a healthy body, since only proper nutrition can help.

Thus, the purpose of prosthetics is to restore chewing effectiveness and, of course, to adapt a person aesthetically in society.

In most cases, the specialists of our clinic try to approach the issue of prosthetics globally, since orthopedic constructions need to be installed on well-prepared teeth — periodontal treatment, treatment of caries and its complications, and, of course, implantation. We are sure you heard the following phrase: “My tooth disappeared under the crown!” ..? such cases occur as a result of unskilled intervention.

We conduct free consultations in order to inform the patient as much as possible about what treatment he needs to carry out, which orthopedic design to choose, how this will happen, how long it will take, etc. our task is to provide the patient with knowledge as much as possible so that he can make serious decisions consciously.

Orthopedic constructions

  1. Fixed
       a. Crown
       b. Bridge
       c. Crown or bridge with implant fixation
       d. Veneer
       e. Lumineer
  2. Removable
       a. Partial dentures
          i. Partial removable plate prosthesis
          ii. Partial removable clasp prosthesis
          iii. Microprosthesis
       b. Full removable dentures
  3. Combined work using removable and fixed structures at the same time.

The materials used in prosthetics are very diverse today, and our specialists can offer a design so that it completely suits the patient in aesthetic and, of course, today is not unimportant, in terms of material requirements.

Materials used for fixed prosthetics:
Solid casting (metal);
Cermets (metal frame with ceramic cladding);
Metal-free ceramics (press ceramics, ceramics on a zirconia frame) – overstated aesthetic characteristics;
In some cases, designs can be made by combining materials.

In removable prosthetics, as a rule, a combination of a metal frame with a plastic base is used; plastic teeth are either made in Ukraine, or branded teeth made in Germany, the USA or Japan.

At the request of the patient, we can make the so-called soft dentures from nylon.

For fixation, removable dentures can be clamped on a clamp – these are hooks that are located in the area of ​​the neck of the tooth or crown, this connection with the supporting teeth can be called “labile”, i.e. the load on the teeth is small, and is more distributed on the mucous membrane.

The second, more aesthetic way is the so-called fixation on the “attachments”. This type of fixation can be used only in the case of at least two supporting crowns, because the load is more distributed on the supporting teeth, and not on the mucous membrane. As a plus, here we have high aesthetic indicators – no metal on the teeth.

And, of course, the most interesting way is fixing the removable denture with support on the implant.

Our work is your smile !!!

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