"Trial" - dentistry in Zaporozhye: we treat teeth without tears and pain!
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"Trial" - dentistry in Zaporozhye: we treat teeth without tears and pain!
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Treatment of periodontal disease

If you notice at home:

bad breath
taste in the mouth
redness, bleeding, and gum itching
teeth necks exposed
teeth become sensitive to chemical and thermal stimuli
stuck food in the interdental spaces
Perhaps you have encountered periodontal disease …

Periodontium is all the tissues surrounding the tooth, tooth ligaments, gums with periosteum and root cement.

Almost the entire world population, to varying degrees, has problems with periodontal disease, ranging from mild gum disease (gingivitis) to severe forms (periodontitis), in which the patient can lose all his teeth.

Poor oral hygiene, untreated teeth, chronic diseases – all this creates favorable conditions for the onset and aggravation of the disease.

In our clinic, your teeth may have a second chance! A periodontist is ready to provide quality periodontal treatment services. After all, treatment does not end with the removal of plaque and tartar, this is only one of the stages of an integrated approach. At the first visit, the periodontist determines the degree of gum inflammation and the depth of periodontal pockets. You may need a panoramic shot of both jaws.

After the doctor and patient discuss the individual treatment plan, thorough hygienic cleaning is carried out using ultrasound and Air Flow, which significantly improves the condition of the oral cavity, as During these procedures, a significant portion of bacteria and plaque are removed. They will also teach you how to properly care for your oral cavity, help you choose special care products and talk about their use.

The second stage is the curettage of periodontal pockets and Vector therapy as needed. Scale removal occurs by an oscillating drop of a finely divided aqueous solution of calcium hydroxide. The procedure is absolutely safe and painless!

After treatment with the “Vector” apparatus, the edema of soft tissues is significantly reduced in patients, the mucous membrane is quickly restored. Today, with the help of the “Vector” apparatus, in many cases, surgical treatment, which was previously considered inevitable, can be avoided. As necessary, these procedures are supported by local and general drug treatment.

Periodontal diseases respond well to treatment in the early stages, the success of treatment depends on the timely treatment of specialists.

Give your teeth a second chance!

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