"Trial" - dentistry in Zaporozhye: we treat teeth without tears and pain!
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"Trial" - dentistry in Zaporozhye: we treat teeth without tears and pain!
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Therapeutic dentistry Zaporozhye

Therapeutic dentistry is the field of conservative treatment of teeth, pulp and peridental tissues.

Remember !!! Toothache itself does not go away, it only passes from one disease to another !!! Instead of using folk remedies for the relief of toothache, we advise you to consult doctors in a timely manner and eliminate the cause itself.

We provide the following therapeutic services:

Caries treatment with filling installation
Treatment of caries complications – pulpitis, periodontitis (endodontic treatment)
Cosmetic restorations using modern composite materials
Oral hygiene (using ultrasound instruments and an airflow apparatus)
Treatment of non-carious lesions (fluorosis, wedge-shaped defect, etc.)
Aesthetic restoration – everything is very simple! If you have any kind of tooth defect that, according to the testimony, does not require the manufacture of a crown or veneer, then this is just the case when you can carry out artistic restoration of the teeth.


Our experts will be happy to help you make up for a tooth that has been destroyed or changed in color with the most advanced light-curing materials, making every effort to recreate a beautiful shape.

kariesKaryes is a process of destruction of enamel and hard tissues of a tooth. The treatment of caries is carried out with the mandatory preparation of the carious cavity, if necessary with pre-done anesthesia. Our experts will select for you the drug that will most effectively anesthetize and allow you to forget that you are in the dental chair. After preparation, the formed cavity is sealed. In the treatment of deep caries, calcium hydroxide containing a lining is used, which contributes to the formation of “secondary dentin”, i.e. protects the nerve of the tooth from the inside.

We use the most advanced light-curing filling materials.

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