"Trial" - dentistry in Zaporozhye: we treat teeth without tears and pain!
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"Trial" - dentistry in Zaporozhye: we treat teeth without tears and pain!
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Orthodontic dentistry in Zaporozhye

Are you young and beautiful?

But are you embarrassed to smile?

Over time, this problem develops into a complex when communicating with people.

Do not complex, this problem can be fixed!

The section of dentistry “orthodontics” is a direction that deals with the correction of bite, alignment of the dentition and, ultimately, giving a beautiful smile, which can improve the function of the teeth and their integrity.

Orthodontic treatment should be started in early childhood, since the child’s body is easier to undergo treatment and removable treatment methods (muscle-functional exercises, plates or mouth guards) can be used, and when a child reaches 9 years of age, non-removable devices – bracket systems can be installed.

In our clinic “Trial” in Zaporozhye, orthodontic treatment is performed for both children and adults at any age.

There is a huge number of orthodontic plates that are used to treat various jaw anomalies. With their help, it is possible to solve the problem in childhood, if the problem cannot be completely eliminated, then this can become a great deposit for a fixed type of treatment.

Varieties of bracket systems

Metal braces

The metal system is in great demand because of its affordable price, ease of installation and further adjustments.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are made from special masses and practically match the color of the teeth, and are quite a solid construction.

Sapphire braces

The crystals of these braces are very similar to sapphires. This type of braces is chosen by people who value beauty and have a special aesthetic taste. They are as transparent and very beautiful, but the price, of course, is higher than the previously mentioned systems.

Lingual braces

This type is chosen, as a rule, by people with a special position in older society in order to hide the presence of bracket systems in them. A big minus of this system is its cost and getting unpleasant sensations for the tongue, as the patient constantly feels them. It is also important that treatment with lingual braces takes a longer period of time.

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